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There are innumerable cardrooms to pick from. Discovering the most profitable sites such as Carbon Poker can often be synonymous to finding a needle in a haystack. Anyways, what matters is that you’ve made it to the appropriate place. Maybe one of your close friends told you how tremendous carbon was. Maybe he conveyed how juicy the table games were or that freeroll poker championships ran around the clock with top prizes eclipsing ten thousand american dollars. We have the finest Carbon poker review you will find anyplace in the world wide web. You have two alternatives from here: skip the review part and download Carbon now, or stick with our review and play poker in a little while.

Download The Carbon Gaming Client

carbon poker download PLAY AT CARBON

Carbon Poker is a heaven for the novice player. There are multiple reasons for this remark. First of all if you are a Carbon member and don’t have a bankroll you can still make hard cash. That’s right. Carbon has the highest collection of freerolls you will find anywhere. Even poker powerhouses such as Tilt and Stars don’t quite offer the same lucrative opportunities. I mean did you ever hear of weekly fifty thousand dollar freeroll tournaments and monthly one hundred grand tournaments. Since there is absolutely no upfront investment, it is almost like folks are handing you complimentary lottery tickets. It’s on the house you see. And even if you don’t fancy these voluminous tournament competitions and would rather watch that latest episode of Family Guy on Fox, Carbon has baby tournaments that run every hour. So depending on your personality and poker aspirations Carbon will always be able to accomodate your playing needs. This is something to keep in mind along with the fact that Carbon will reward you handsomely for your efforts. Don’t you loathe these tourneys were you play for 6 hours and the top prize is 17 dollars ? Mountainous waste of time if you ask us. At Carbon you will not be wasting your time. You have our guarantee.


So just how capable are the opponents you will face at Carbon Poker ? Well, not first class, and we will leave it a that. One of the justifications is that Carbon is not Poker tracker friendly. This means that “stats geeks” and tenacious players meaning to evaluate their game will not have an edge in this room. This is a really admirable point as this acts as a real shark deterrant. When you play at a texas holdem table with other players, no one will have a “software edge” so to speak. The second reason is that Carbon is a blooming online poker room, kind of a dot on the radar screen. The shark many hunt in the notorious rooms that you may have heard on on TV, like Stars or Tilt. It seems a lot of gamers on this site are California Poker players.


Carbon is the flagship poker room of the Merge Gaming Network and naturally is powered by their software. The bundled poker client and user interface is considerably high end. Of course, you will find all the expected features from a distinguished and eminent online poker room. The only shortcoming is the lack of compatibility with Linux and Macintosh computers. Carbon Poker still excels with the unprecedented quality of its user interface, stellar vector graphics, and
intuitive lobby.

The Lobby supplies all the essential data and statistics along with top notch filtering to aid gamers find the most adequate tables. Some of the intelligence made visibile is : pot size, number of flops, turns and rivers seen by each player, mumber of cards dealt per hour. Naturally, you can chose not to rely on this computerized data and take your own notes during actual gameplay. There is also a backlog of every hand played with the sequence in which it unfolded. Although the Carbon hand history feature is remarkable and easy to use, it has the weakness that it can’t be exported. So you will need to copy paste key hands to a notepad document for example. This is something that you should keep in mind. Hand Histories aren’t trivial to use as in Poker Stars or Full Tilt Poker. But, hey nobody is perfect and we still love Carbon Poker .
carbon poker now PLAY AT CARBON

Games Offered at Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is awesome. Check out the variety of games that it offers:

Texas Holdem

Texas holdem and to a larger extent poker has been made famous by the Chris Moneymaker story as well as the movie Rounders. Carbon supports limit holdem and no-limit holdem money games for a wide range of stakes. The difficulty bar at these games is very low and a decent player utilizing a proven solid tight aggressive style should be rewarded handsomely for his efforts. Beating the Texas Holdem Games at Carbon is very realistic and if you are an experienced player you should even be able to make a living there. Just remember that three barrel bluffing should not be the norm at these games and that you will face a lot of calling stations. Defeating your donkey opponents will often consist of applying an unoriginal style where you are capitalizing on their mistakes. But to this date, texas holdem is still the name of the game and the form of poker that attracts the most players at Carbon.

Omaha High

Although no-limit has been coined the cadillac of poker by the legendary poker figure Doyle Brunson, Omaha high has been referred to as the future of online poker. Omaha is a more exciting game because you start of with 4 cards and there is typically more action at these games. Also Omaha hasn’t been adopted by the mainstream poker scene and this accounts for the lower skill level of omaha poker players. Carbon offers both Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo Online. Now, If you are a recent Omaha High convert and are transitioning from No-Limit, we recommend that you join the poker training site and watch Brian Townsend’s video series on Omaha High.


What is H O R S E ? Horse is a game seasoned players like to play which involves five styles of poker. HORSE requires different skill sets and for players to be proficient in five styles of poker. This makes the games very soft indeed. Carbon is certainly no exception. For the newbies here, here is what HORSE entails:

H = Holdem
O = Omaha
R = Razz
S = Stud
E = Eight or Better

Hence the name suckers hehe ! Anyways, if you are a master of just a couple of these poker variants the games at Carbon will certainly prove to be lucrative for you.
Horse is growing in popularity these days with the recent victory of Scott “The Prince of Poker” Nguyen at the World Series of Poker. HORSE has the distinction of being the highest buy-in event at the world series, no less than fifty thousand dollars entry fee ! The top players such as Barry Greenstein and Daniel Negreanu regard the WSOP Horse event to be the most skill based event and the most prestigious of all the events. Play horse now at Carbon Poker .

Carbon Poker Noteworthy and Uncommon Features

Special features include the ability to expose only one card, see the next card in the deck after folding (rabbit hunt), player tags and the ability to attach won trophies to your 3D avatar. Carbon Poker features an excellent mini-view or cascading window options for multi-tabling; up to 8 max.

Carbon Poker Bonus

Carbon Poker has the best bonuses in the world. Keep this tip for yourself: The secret password or poker bonus code is DOUBLEPLAY . This not a run of the mill code, this earns you a 200 % bonus of up to six hundred dollars !

carbon poker now PLAY AT CARBON

How the Carbon Poker Bonus Works: comp points

Carbon Poker generously releases 10% of your bonus value immediately. If you deposit 600 dollars, this means your account will be credited 60 dollars for a total balance of 660. You will have to work to gain the remainder of the bonus. This is achieved by playing hands and collecting so called comp points. One of our distinguished writers wants to point out that these should have been coined carb points. However, this will probably never happen because accumulating carbs, well, it’s not something we wish upon most poker players.

Nevertheless, comp points are the name of the game and you should focus on collecting them as quickly as possible. You have two options to do this: through tournaments buy in fees, and through table games where you play for real money. The comp points that you will gain from entering a tournament will be displayed on each tourney lobby page. How many points are gained for a standard table game is somewhat unclear, as this poker room does not have have any user interface showing the effectivedistribution of comp points. The alloted time to collect these comp points is also mysterious. We wish that Carbon made some improvements in term of documentation. One thing that is made apparent from the terms is that if you withdraw the rest of your bonus will be voided. Keep this in mind before withdrawing.

Concerning the bonus release process, after every 2500 points you will receive another $10 of your bonus, deposited into your account automatically. These regular payments are great and allow you to have a steady secondary stream of income in your player account. There are additional ways to earn double points as well, either through starting your own table and/or through playing at a table with 4 or more players, allowing you to potentially earn as much as 4X points for each money game.

Another perk that your bonus code gives you if an entry into into a thousand dollar freeroll tournament, and a series of other freerolls over the next 14 days. What’s interesting is that you can re-use Comp points to enter future tourneys, or gain access to exclusive promos. Carbon also enables you to use your points to buy gear at their store.

Note: please skip this section if you don’t want to waste your time. This is a mildly entertaining story (fictitious) explaining how the poker bonus code Doubeplay came about. No the author is not on crack, he honestly ran out of material to fill the page. For this reason you should also check the subsequent section with pictures of a hot chick that is sponsored by Carbon. Anyways, here goes:

There once lived an elderly owl named Carbon. He liked to stay perched in a cedar tree and watch the birds flutter by. One day Carbon saw a feathered creature soar by, at least twice as fast as his colleagues. Where is it that you are going asked Carbon ? I’m going to play poker said the little jay. Poker ? said Carbon. To which the little Jay replied : “yeah I got a new bonus code and I’m hoping to do some serious damage”. How substantial of a bonus are we talking about asked Carbon ? Two hundred percent for up to 600 dollars chirped the little jay. This is why I’m rushing. What’s the poker bonus code asked Carbon ? Doubeplay said the Jay. Eff ya answered Carbon !! Go Carbon Poker

Tina Wallmann of Carbon Poker

carbon poker hottie

Carbon Poker was very smart in selecting their spokes model and it proved great for marketing. Tina Wallmann is an international swim suit model . Her father was born in Germany and her Mother was born in Australia. Tina is one of the most stunning women in the cosmos. All right, the cosmos might be pushing it but we can safely say she is the utmost belle on planet earth. With such an attractive spokes model and poker host, Carbon really should be driving a lot of traffic. And they are, Carbon is developing very fast. We like to think that Tina is the killer app, at least a substantial factor that accounts for some the fame that the carbon texas holdem has received.

Did you know that Tina is the most hit on woman in Australia ? Literally, her webpage receives more hits than there are covalent bonds in carbon molecules. Actually more hits than carbon tetravelent bonds and electrons combined, in layman’s terms A LOT.
And whe wants to personaly thank all of you for checking her out on her website as her fans hold a dear place inside her heart.

Some of her distinctions include being the WINNER of ZOO WEEKLYS Beach Girl Of The Year! Concerning her career path, she has been modelling professionally now for six years and has appeared in numberous spreads for men’s magazines and of course swim wear calendars. You may also everywhere on the world wide web on poker affiliate adds, enticing people to join her and the incredibly lucrative poker tables at Carbon.

Another memorable distinction she holds is making the front cover of MAXIM Czech Republic.Here are her measurements if you were wondering. Bust: 95cm, Waist: 68cm, Hips: 85cm, Shoes: 7 Height: 168cm. Wallmann has been the spokes model for Carbon for several years now. She goes by the name of the Queen of Hearts in the carbon circles and actually plays at the online poker room. So you can find her at the tables !
If you want to talk with Tina, maybe ask her intimate questions (within reason of course) you can go to the the poker forums at Carbon. Tina also has a myspace page that receives a lot of page views. Here is the main quote that she has chosen for her page, very nice:

“…To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment…”
Here are Tina Wallmann’s Details listed on her myspace:

Status: In a Relationship
Here for: Networking, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Always Travelling
Body type: 5′ 6″ / Slim / Slender
Religion: Christian – other
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
Children: Someday
Occupation: Model

Playing against Tina Wallmann at Carbon poker now !

Free Carbon Poker Strategy tip

Ok ready to start playing your cards right at Carbon Poker ? We recommend that you start off with our strategy article. This segment pertains to controlling pot size and understanding hand values. Ok, let’s get started. You are playing against a very bad opponent who has a tendency to overplay weak hands and commit too many chips to the pot. You are playing a typical six max ring game and you raise under the gun with K 9 suited of hearts. The donk calls you in position on the button which is a decent line. The flop comes K J 8 of hearts so you have the second nut flush draw. In these spots, there is always equity in betting, this is called a continuation bet. Your adversary is going to miss the flop most of the time and the King will hit your range often since you are raising from early position. You decide to bet half pot here as a c-bet. Your opponent snap calls. This usually means that he has a marginal hand. Think about it, if he had a lock hand he would think about massaging the pot, or how best to milk you so to speak. If he had a very weak hand he would fold, so most often he has a marginal hand in these situations.
So armed with this new information you see the turn. The turn comes a 10 of spades. This is a treacherous card because it completes some straights and also makes some two pair hands. If the villain called on the flop with K 10 or J 10 he now has two pair and has us crushed. On top of this, you miserably missed the flush and we don’t know where we are in the hand. In these spots you want to excercise pot control because it is a way ahead way behind situation. In other words you don’t want to bloat the pot when you are dominated. You would rather let second best hands stay in contention and come at you. This is the advantage of checking in his spot. Some poker folks don’t understand this, but sometimes there is a higher expected value in checking rather than betting. In this case, you don’t risk anything by checking. You also have the chance of getting a free card if your opponent checks behind and effectively outdrawing better hands. You check and your ennemy bets pot. At this point we have to put him on a decent hand, after all he called the flop and bet on the turn. Since we are deepstacked we have what are called implied odds, meaning that if we hit our outs on the river we stand on making a lot of money if our opponent has a good but second best hand. So we call. The river comes a 9 given us two pair and we miss the flush. Again there is no value in betting here because he could have a better two pair. So we check and our opponent bets a minuscule amount. This doesn’t look good as he may be enticing us to re-raise but the correct line is to call here even if we have the sentiment that we are defeated. We call, and he shows K 10 for a higher two pair. Although we lost in this hand, we played it to maximize our expected value. Although this seems counter intuitive, we checked on the turn to control pot size in case we were dominated (which was a smart line) and also to maximize our equity. On the river we felt that our hand versus his projected range was to weak to warrant a value bet so we opted for the check call line which is valid. This hand analysis may seem involved but you will get used to it in no time. In fact, with practise, you can feel which lines will be more profitable. It just takes a couple of thousands hands to get there. We wish you the best in your poker career at Carbon Poker .

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